Funeral Services in Langton Green

At Abbey Funeral Services we work with care to ensure your funeral arrangements are handled with grace and dignity. After 40 years of experience, we are now the leading funeral directors in the West Kent area.

We pride ourselves on organising respectful and tasteful funerals that fulfil all of your wants and wishes.

Alongside Langton Green, we offer our services in:

We consider the needs of you and your family fully, as we offer a personalised package for each family.

Beyond organising funerals, we provide other services to the community. We run an organisation in West Kent called Friends Together. Through this charity, we provide grief treatment with licenced therapists to assist Langton Green mourners of all ages in moving past their terrible loss. We help grieving families by supporting them as they go through the mourning process.

Abbey Funeral Services is part of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors and is regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority. We adhere to a recognised code of practise to guarantee that you receive only the best service possible.

Cremations Langton Green

Cremation in Langton Green

Cremation has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional funerals in the UK. Families across the country enjoy the many benefits it has over conventional burials:

  • The ashes can be shared

The fact that your ashes or the ashes of your loved one can be separated and spread among the family is a lovely part of cremation. In this way, family members who live outside the Langton Green region can pay their respects without having to go to the cemetery site.

  • The ashes can be spread

Many people who choose cremation ask to have their ashes scattered at an area that holds special meaning for them. When you cremate a loved one, you can lay them to rest anywhere you like.

  • Cremating allows for creative ceremonies

Many individuals today opt for cremations so that they may have more personalised funeral rites without the constraints of traditional burials. Ashes from an Abbey Funeral Services cremation can be used as ornate art or decorative jewellery. In this way, your or your loved one's heritage might continue to flourish through beautiful artefacts.

  • Cremation is more cost effective

The costs of a coffin, headstone, burial vault, and embalming are all avoided when a body is cremated. Instead, just the cost of cremation and the urn itself is required. As a result, the cost of a cremation is far lower than that of a burial.

  • Cremating is better for the environment

Traditional burials use up a lot of resources, and the embalming fluid used to keep bodies looking fresh and lively can damage the environment. Therefore, cremating is a much more eco-friendly alternative to burying yourself or your loved one. If sustainability is a priority of yours, consider our green funerals for the most environmentally friendly option.

It’s important to take religion into account, though. To many people, honouring religious beliefs in death is as important as in life.

The three main religions that do not cremate are:

  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Eastern Orthodox Church

On the other hand, many religions support or even encourage cremation over traditional burials:

  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Catholicism
  • Anglicanism
  • Methodism
  • Baptist Church
  • Jehovah’s Witness

Green Funerals Langton Green

Green funerals in Langton Green

A green burial is the most eco-friendly option for honouring a loved one's memory. Both long-term sustainability and environmental friendliness are the benefits of green funerals. Green funerals are a more contemporary method to honour the deceased that is both beautiful and simple. In recent years, green funerals have gained popularity due to a variety of advantages they offer over conventional burials:

  • Preserving natural areas

Green funerals aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The environment around the body becomes fertile with nutrients as it naturally decomposes, promoting the happy and healthy growth of plants. Animals of different sizes and shapes may now get food and shelter thanks to this. You may assist death in rebirth by participating in one of our green funerals.

  • Conserving natural resources

Thousands of tonnes of wood and concrete are used annually in the UK to create elaborate coffins and burial vaults. When you select one of our eco-friendly funerals, you utilise the least amount of resources while generating no waste. Many of our clients would rather just drape their loved one in a shroud than entomb them in a casket. This promotes breakdown and further reduces resource use.

  • Eliminating hazardous chemicals

The embalming agents used to keep the body appearing vibrant are one of the more harmful components of funerals. They use carcinogenic substances like formaldehyde, which they are known to cause cancer. Green funerals can get rid of all these chemicals.

  • Lower cost

Decorated caskets and burial vaults make the prices of traditional funerals stack up quickly. Because of our green funerals’ simplicity, you can avoid all these fees. Green funerals can be up to or over £1,000 cheaper than conventional ones.

  • Simplicity

Many people are attracted to the simplicity of green funerals. The plain coffin or shroud and naturally buried body keeps the funeral minimalistic, giving it a unique air of elegance and sophistication.

Funeral Plans Langton Green

Funeral plans in Langton Green

At Abbey Funeral Services, we partner with Ecclesiastical Planning Services to ensure your funeral is handled with the proper care needed. You can choose one of four funeral plans if you’d like:

  • The Abbey Unattended Funeral Plan
  • The Abbey Simple Plan
  • The Abbey Traditional Plan
  • The Abbey Traditional Plus Plan

Many people prefer our funeral plans to creating a custom funeral service with us. They hold two main benefits, which are:

1. Consideration for loved ones

Your thoughtfulness will spare your grieving family from having to worry about the cost of your funeral and will ease their load during this trying time. Additionally, you can be sure that all the preparations will be done according to your preferences, including the funeral's style, setting, music, readings, and even the flowers. You and your loved ones will feel more at ease if you make plans in advance.

2. Financial security

The fact that our funeral plans offer outstanding financial security for your money is one of the main reasons we suggest you get one. All plan funds are kept in whole life insurance policies for enhanced security. Custom funerals may get very expensive very quickly. With our funeral arrangements, you can steer clear of these unanticipated expenses.


Abbey Funeral Services in Langton Green

Langton Green is a lovely little village in the western corner of Royal Tunbridge Wells. The blissful charm of the area makes it a respectful and dignified location to respect your loved ones.


Langton Green has the beautiful All Saints Church, a wonderful setting to host the funeral you’re planning. If you’d like to hold your funeral outside a church, please contact us and we can discuss other possible options.


Funeral FAQs

1. Why choose Abbey Funeral Services?

At Abbey Funeral Services, we dedicate ourselves to you and your family. In our 40 years of experience, we’ve become well-respected leaders of our community, as we always ensure your funeral is conducted with dignity and sensitivity.

Our family-run business’s husband-and-wife founders served as former Presidents of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, and the keys to our service have been passed on to their daughter.

Let our family care for yours by choosing Abbey Funeral Services for your funeral needs.

2. How much does a funeral cost in Langton Green?

The prices of funerals vary significantly based on what you’d like to have. Service costs make up a large portion of funeral costs in Langton Green, and they can range upwards of £2,000. Learn more about our prices here. 

3. How much does cremation cost in Langton Green?

Cremation is significantly less expensive than traditional burials. At Abbey Funeral Services, we offer a direct-to-cremator service for £1,800. We also provide unattended cremations for £2,450. The crematoriums we use are the Kent & Sussex Crematorium and the Vinters Park Crematorium in Maidenhead.