Funerals in Hadlow

At Abbey Funeral Services, we work hard to make sure that your funeral arrangements are handled with care and dignity. We are among the leading funeral directors in the West Kent area, serving the community of Hadlow since 1983. We also serve:

Throughout our 40 years of expertise, we have prided ourselves on our ability to fulfil our customer’s funeral service requests and needs. We are a family-run funeral directors, so possess that extra level of consideration and offer a personalised package for each family. So, whether you require a funeral, cremation, or memorial service, we can help.

We do more for our community than plan funerals. We manage a local West Kent charity called Friends Together. We provide bereavement therapy, with professional therapists, to help mourning people of all ages in the Hadlow area overcome their tragic loss. We support bereaved families by assisting them through the grieving process.

Abbey Funeral Services is regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, and we are a member of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors. We work to a recognised code of practice, ensuring you get only the highest quality service from us.

Cremations in Hadlow

Cremation for residents in Hadlow

Cremating is becoming more and more popular in the UK with each passing year. Benefits of cremation over traditional burial include:

  • The ashes can be shared
  • The ashes can be spread
  • Cremating allows for creative ceremonies
  • Cremation is more cost effective
  • Cremating is better for the environment

The book, plan or discuss our cremation options, please call our specialist team on 01732 360328.


Green funerals for residents in Hadlow

What is a Green Funeral?

A green funeral (or Natural Burial) is the process of burying somebody in a way where the body can decompose and recycle naturally without any affecting the environment in a negative manner. For example, a traditional funeral would use an oak or mahogany coffin (or metal casket if cremated) which can take years and years to break down. You also have some features, like the mental hingers that would remain in the soil and never really break down.  

A green funeral on the other hand, would usually use a wicker coffin with a simple, biodegradable inner lining and easy-to-fit lid so it can decompose quickly with zero impact on its surroundings.

Green Funerals Hadlow

Why are Green Funerals better?

Green funerals are the most natural way of burying a loved one. They focus on sustainability and being environmentally friendly. Green funerals are a more modern, but still wholesome and lovely way to say goodbye to a loved one.


Many people opt for green funerals because they hold a number of advantages over traditional burial, including:

  • The preservation of natural areas

Green funerals are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. As the body naturally decomposes, the area around it becomes rich with nutrients that help plants grow happily and healthily. This brings food and shelter to animals of all shapes and sizes. Through our green funerals, you can help death create new life.

  • Conserving natural resources

Every year in the UK, thousands of tons of wood and concrete are used every year for fancy caskets and burial vaults. When you choose our green funerals, you use as little material as possible without creating any waste. Many of our clients prefer only covering their loved one in a shroud, rather than placing him or her in a coffin. This helps decomposition and conserves even more resources.

  • Eliminating hazardous chemicals

One of the more damaging aspects of funerals are the embalming fluids used to keep the body looking lively. They use harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, which is known to cause cancer. You can eliminate all these chemicals with green funerals.

  • Lower cost

Decorated caskets and burial vaults make the prices of traditional funerals stack up quickly. Because of our green funerals’ simplicity, you can avoid all these fees. Green funerals can be up to or over £1,000 cheaper than conventional ones.

  • Simplicity

Many people are attracted to the simplicity of green funerals. The plain coffin or shroud and naturally buried body keeps the funeral minimalistic, giving it a unique air of elegance.


Funeral plans for residents in Hadlow

At Abbey Funeral Services, we partner with Ecclesiastical Planning Services to ensure your funeral is handled with the proper care needed. We have a variety of funeral plans to suit all budgets and requirements.

Funeral plans are a convenient way to ensure your loved ones are relieved of the burden of planning and paying for your funeral or cremation. You can have peace of mind knowing that your expenses are covered, and that your final wishes are seen through, without any needless impact on your estate.  

Call us on 01732 360328 and ask to speak to one of our funeral plan experts.


Abbey Funeral Services for residents in Hadlow

Hadlow is home to the beautiful St. Mary’s Church, which is an optimal setting for a funeral service and laying a loved one to rest. Whatever your request, we will ensure the arrangements are made in a timely and caring manner.

Throughout our 40 years of expertise, we have prided ourselves on our ability to organise funerals that meet the requirements of our customers. We also provide funeral planning in Tonbridge, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Paddock Wood, Southborough, East Peckham, Hildenborough, Pembury and across West Kent. Call our team on 01732 360328.